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Stivis OÜ was founded in 1992 as a company which provides port operator services in the free zone of the Port of Muuga. The Port of Muuga is located on the outskirts of Tallinn and it is the largest commercial port in Estonia.

Stivis has in its use more than 7 ha of land with open storage areas and covered warehouses. Cargo can be transported to Stivis by sea, road or rail.

Our clients include both Estonian consigners and transit clients. We handle bulk cargo such as gravel, metal, coal, peat products, fertilizers, grain, logs and sawn timber and general cargo (big bags, pallets, boxes etc.).

The management system of the company has been audited and is in accordance with the requirements of the management system standard ISO 9001:2015.

In August 2019 the logistics group Baltic Maritime Logistics Group AS acquired all the shares of Stivis OÜ. The subsidiaries of the group associated with port operations have more than 20 years of experience in the handling of cargo at the Paldiski South Harbour, the Port of Kunda and the Port of Salacgrīva in Latvia.

During 2020 the open storage areas near the quays 4, 6 and 6a were renovated, we also started demolishing the old buildings and constructing new open storage areas. Additional vehicle scales, Mantsinen 120M material handler and Liebherr L566 wheel loader were introduced.


Loading and unloading of vessels
Loading and unloading of vessels

To load and unload vessels, Stivis uses quay No. 4 (length 278 m, maximum depth at zero sea level (EH2000) -7.2 m), quay No. 5 with a ramp (103 m, -7.1 m), quay No. 6 (157 m, -9.3 m) and quay No. 6A (183 m, -10.9 m).

The loading schemes "truck – storage area – vessel" and "rail – storage area – vessel" and vice versa can be used for cargo handling at Stivis. Cargo can also be loaded on containers. As a direct option, cargo can be unloaded from vessels to rolling stock. We use railway sidings No. 48 and 49 (with a length of 470 m, for 33 wagons) on quays No. 5, 6 and 6A. We also own railway sidings No. 46 and 47 (320 m, for 22 wagons) which are located near the storage areas as well as tracks No. 39 and 40 (1026 m, for more than 70 wagons) which are a part of a group of delivery tracks. We use our own diesel locomotive for shunting operations.

Portal cranes, mobile cranes, front-end loaders, forklifts and reach stacker are used for cargo handling.

Cargo storage
Cargo storage
Cargo can be stored in ca. 0.5 ha of covered warehouses and in ca. 4.5 ha of open storage areas in close proximity to the quays.
Cargo weighing
Cargo weighing
We can weigh cargo either by truck or railway scales.